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Programa de Pós-graduação em Zootecnia

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The Department has the following Research Laboratories and Sectors coordinated by the Department’s professors. Most laboratories are located in the Headquarters of the Department of Animal Science. Below, laboratories in alphabetical list.

Animal Nutrition Laboratory +55 (85) 3366-9749
Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Reproduction +55 (85) 3366-9032 / 33669697
Bee Laboratory +55 (85) 3366-9220
Forage Sector and Center for Teaching and Studies in Forage +55 (85) 3366-9022
Digestibility Sector
Poultry Sector +55 (85) 3366-9708
Rabbit Farming Sector
Pig Sector +55 (85) 3366-9712

Other laboratories made available by UFC:
Seed Laboratory (Phytotechnics Department), which relates to the forage area, the Meat and Food Technology Laboratories (Food Technology Department), which collaborates with the Animal Production area (sheep, goats, bees in the honey analysis segment, etc.) and Biotechnology Laboratories of the Department of Biochemistry, associated with the work of animal production and reproduction and the use of techniques in molecular and cellular biology, and proteomics, including equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, HPLC, RT -PCR and instrumentation for the proteomics and focal microscopy platform, mass spectrometry system. These laboratories are located on the Pici Campus, close to the Animal Science Department.

Two experimental farms:
The Lavoura Seca Farm is located in the municipality of Quixadá, 200 km from the capital, dedicated mainly to sheep and indigenous goats farming. The Experimental Farm Vale do Curu is located in the municipality of Pentecoste, 100 km from Fortaleza, with dairy cattle.

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